Episode 4: Where No Man Has Gone Before

The five year voyage to watch every episode of Star Trek continues with episode 3, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” This is the one with Gary Mitchell!


This podcast, we encounter yet another pilot episode, meet Scotty for the first time, sing about some Gary that we used to know, and look forward to the space Tarantino flick Kill Mitchell. We also debate how many omnipotent beings we’ve encountered thus far, enjoy the tapes of future past, and get a little Shakespearean.


Omnipotent Beings This Episode: (.5 * 2) = 1

Total Omnipotent Beings: 2

Crew Deaths This Episode: 17

Other Deaths This Episode: 0

Total Crew Deaths: 17

Total Deaths: 38


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Intro/Outro Music by Night Stop from the Fuel EP!

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