Episode 14: Balance of Terror: No Country for Old Space Men

The neverending story continues and we yet endeavor to watch all of Star Trek forever; this week we talk about Balance of Terror, the fourteenth episode of the original series! What hijinks do the crew of the Enterprise get in this week? Hint: this is the one where we first meet the Romulans!


This time, we meet the Romulans, an important lesson about space racism is learned, the story is split between our crew and some new friends we demand fanfic about, and . Kirk and a Romulan commander try to outfox each other, and I refuse to make jokes about Spock’s dad. They’re facile and boring and we shan’t sink that low. Also, we pitch a game to Bioware or Bethesda or whoever.


Oh Commander! my Commander! our fearful trip is done



Omnipotent beings this episode: 0

Total omnipotent being count: 3

Crew deaths this episode: 2 [one is a starfleet officer technically not on the ship]

Total crew deaths: 22 (4 gold, 4 blue, 4 red, 10 unknown)

Non-crew deaths this episode: 5

Total deaths: 61
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