Episode 15: Shore Leave


Our mission to watch every episode of Star Trek continues with TOS episode 15, “Shore Leave!” This is the one with a terrible faux-Irish song! Sorry about this episode’s audio quality.


Our boys finally get some rest, we meet a new yeoman, and everyone thinks they’re hallucinating or something even though they’re clearly not. Spock’s stuck on the ship for most of the episode because if he wasn’t, everyone would have figured out the game much sooner. Sulu fights a samurai, tiger stock footage is rolled out for our amusement, and no one remembers the word “barrows.” Also, the white rabbit shows up!


ALSO: SEM’s mom joins us to discuss the episode AND to discuss a museum exhibit in Seattle, Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds at the Experience Music Project.


The chill cult mentioned in the episode is the Aetherius Society, by the way. (And cult probably isn’t the right word.)


Omnipotent beings this episode: 1

Total omnipotent being count: 4

Crew deaths this episode: 0

Total crew deaths: 22 (4 gold, 4 blue, 4 red, 10 unknown)

Non-crew deaths this episode: 0

Total deaths: 61


Note: this episode went up a good while ago but the syndication is a LITTLE broken so it didn’t go up here! If you want timely/reliable episode notifications, subscribe in your favorite podcast listening app.


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