Episode 17: The Squire of Gothos: [Zybourne Clock joke]

Greetings and felicitations, listeners! Our neverending mission to watch all of Star Trek continues with the Original series episode “The Squire of Gothos.” This is the one with the baby Q!

This time, we learn about biomes and ecosystems, Sulu doesn’t duel anyone, breaking a mirror doesn’t bring bad luck, and your hosts plan a theater production. Also, Kirk plays the most dangerous game and somehow fails to rip his shirt in the process.

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This, darling, is the Squire of Gothos.

Omnipotent beings this episode: 1

Total omnipotent being count: 5

Crew deaths this episode: 0

Total crew deaths: 25 (6 gold, 4 blue, 4 red, 11 unknown)

Non-crew deaths this episode: 0

Total deaths: 61

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