Episode 42: Obsession: you can tell hes upset because he keeps his shirt on

We’re a podcast dedicated to watching all of Star Trek, forever. Every episode. Even the TOS episode “Obsession.”

This time, Leslie dies, a cloud fries, and Kirk … okay, he doesn’t cry, my rhyme scheme’s falling apart already. I tried. We learn about cobalt bombs, diamonds aren’t that strong, and there’s a cloud. This is the worst Moby Dick episode so far.

Episode 41: The Deadly Years: Geriatric Medicine

I love space socialism with occasional money


note: chicago is having summer in february so there’s A Lot of ambient noise, enjoy

Episode 40: Friday’s Child: The Plural of Shuriken

We’re still watching Star Trek: The Original Series. This time, we watched “Friday’s Child.” This is the one where McCoy has a kid! Sort of!

Scotty longs for blood, McCoy has a baby, and bows and arrows are a surprising technology.Deem slips into Maab’s DMs. All this and more happens in this episode! Also your hosts make an awful lot of references to other media in this episode. We’re sorry.

The cavalry doesn’t come over the hill in the nick of time anymore.

Episode 38: Metamorphosis: Glow Cloud Romance

We’re still watching the original series! This time, we watched “Metamorphosis” from season two of Star Trek. This is the one where we meet Zefram Cochrane!

New-fangled morals mean it’s OK to fuck a cloud, old-fashioned views on gender aside. Ion clouds make you immortal when they want to do romance, historical figures hang out on space rocks, and … why does the cloud have gender? why

seriously though cochrane romanced a cloud on accident and he gets really mad when he realizes it. i can’t deal with this episode. i cant even write a good post about it. what the hell. he gets so mad when he finds out the cloud is a lady. im so confused help hahahahaha



We’re back, and still watching Star Trek! This time, it’s TOS episode “I, Mudd.” Chelsea’s mom guest stars. This is the one where Mudd ISN’T involved in sex trafficking!

This episode is amazing. Please watch it. Everything about it was custom-designed for your intrepid podcast hosts, including the part where Kirk gets real horny for the Enterprise. Mudd’s got fashion, Chekov is a gift, Leningrad is back in the space future, and, right, there’s lots of robots. Can’t forget the robots. Did we mention that you should watch this one already? Because you should.

Apologies in advance for the audio issues in this episode.

Episode 36: Catspaw: Baby Alligator Foley Work

We’re back, and still watching Star Trek! This time, it’s TOS episode “Catspaw.” SEM’s dad Pete guest stars. This is the one with the giant cat shadow!

A crewman dies, there’s a wizard with a dope robe, and some of the most incredible special effects so far happen. Please watch this one if you haven’t. It is truly incredible. It’s also a Halloween episode! There’s a spooky castle and a model skeleton! Also, uh, “racial memory?” Yeah, who knows. Look at Chekov’s hair, though, would you?

LLAP, folks.

Episode 35: The Doomsday Machine: The Phantom Edit

im really sick this week so like : we watched an episode that’s a moby dick fanfic set during the cold war but also in space. please listen to our good star trek show. we’re in the middle of TOS right now, as usual.

next week will probably have no episode. im sorry. its holidays.

this ep was extra-short so there’s a lot of errata at the end, enjoy i guess

Episode 34: The Apple: Terrible

The mission to watch all of Star Trek, forever, continues! We’re still in the midst of the original series. “The Apple” is a hell of an episode. Get this: it’s a bad episode of Trek.

Chelsea is sick and tired, KarnacaCast isn’t happening, and SEM is the only person who was paying attention to anything. Chelsea loses it over the medical neglect regarding Vulcan officers. Chekov’s gimmick comes into play and it rules. Papier-mâché robot snake cave sets, little orange people, and Kirk experiencing survivor’s guilt – it’s all here.