72: That Which Survives: spacetheists

Just like a computer ghost, we managed to survive watching Star Trek TOS season 3’s “That Which Survives” and I think you should be proud of us for that feat.

In this episode, we learn some geography and geology, discuss podcast listening habits, and Spock is a total asshole for no good reason. Also, Kirk makes some strange assumptions about ghosts.

Boldly go and listen!

71: The Mark of Gideon: A Wicker Man Spinoff

The intrepid crew of Long Trek Home watched TOS Season 3 episode “The Mark of Gideon” and had a bad time. Chelsea veers wildly off-topic at every opportunity while SEM valiantly tries to keep things on track.

A woman wears a bizarre and terrible outfit. Overcrowding is woefully misunderstood, people walk in circles, and in space no one can hear you scream unless you’re not actually in space and then they can.

Recorded July 9, 2018

70: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield: Shut Up

this time, SEM’s friend Arras (@Animus_Panthera) joined us to discuss Star Trek TOS episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” …!

Everyone ignores each other a lot as the same questions are asked time and time again. 50,000 years seems like a reasonable amount of time to have grown tired of promises of incremental change. Lokai was right. Oh, yeah, and this is the episode with the dudes with half black/half white faces.

Recorded in April 2018.

Note: Arras’ audio came through extremely quiet on the audio despite seeming fine while we were recording. I’ve done my best with it, but if audio levels are weird on this one, I apologize.

69: Whom Gods Destroy: nice

episode 69 …. nice

in the star trek future, the only mental illness left is Doing War Crimes! oh, serial killing, also, that’s another mental illness. everything else is fine, and those are fine now too because of magic space drugs. things get goofy this episode.

recorded february 2018. spoilers for black panther.

68: Elaan of Troyius: It’s Over 9000

we watched the TOS episode “Elaan of Troyius” with our friend Jeff @heyboots! this bizarre take on taming of the shrew is not very good, probably, but at least kirk/enterprise is confirmed once again. good job, TOS!

here’s jeff’s utena let’s play: link

AUDIO WARNING: chelsea lost her good microphone so she sounds like she lives in a basement toilet for this episode. oops

67: The Empath: biblical scholarship edition

this episode has an empath who gets experimented on a lot. sem’s mom guest stars as we try and figure out what the fuck scotty is talking about. buckle up, folks, this is a weird one.

sorry for yet another accidental hiatus! this was also recorded in 2017.

64: The Tholian Web: brain holes

Sometime in September, we talked about Star Trek: TOS season three episode “The Tholian Web.”


Kirk goes missing, the Tholians are famed for their punctuality, everyone gets holes in their brains because of dimensions, and Chelsea wants pictures of Spider-Man.

63: For the World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky: Bones Is Married Now

bones is a married man now


this episode was recorded in september, but it’s out in january! that’s the magic of time travel