Episode 4: Where No Man Has Gone Before

The five year voyage to watch every episode of Star Trek continues with episode 3, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” This is the one with Gary Mitchell!


This podcast, we encounter yet another pilot episode, meet Scotty for the first time, sing about some Gary that we used to know, and look forward to the space Tarantino flick Kill Mitchell. We also debate how many omnipotent beings we’ve encountered thus far, enjoy the tapes of future past, and get a little Shakespearean.


Omnipotent Beings This Episode: (.5 * 2) = 1

Total Omnipotent Beings: 2

Crew Deaths This Episode: 17

Other Deaths This Episode: 0

Total Crew Deaths: 17

Total Deaths: 38


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Intro/Outro Music by Night Stop from the Fuel EP!

Episode 3: Charlie X

Stardate 69708.8

Our five year voyage to watch all of Star Trek continues with the second episode of the original series, CHARLIE X. In which our omnipotent being count begins, the death count is updated, and we can’t figure out if being turned into an iguana should count. Also: life lessons with Captain Kirk, fanfiction concepts, space boardgames, and the danger of teens.

Intro/outro music by Night Stop available at nightstop.bandcamp.com!

Episode 2: The Man Trap: Space Virtue

Stardate 69689.4

This time your hosts talk about the first broadcast episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, THE MAN TRAP. A death count is kept, shirt colors are noted, and Uhura is fondly regarded. Other topics include: space prefixes, Hannibal, NCIS, and the Cold War. Chelsea and SEM also delve briefly into the true goals of their five year voyage.

Special guest: GAIL ANDERSON, better known as Chelsea’s mom, who watched the first episode the day it first aired and provides some much-needed historical perspective.

Intro/outro music by Night Stop available at nightstop.bandcamp.com!