Episode 24: This Side of Paradise: Thank You Based Fontana

Our quest to watch every single episode of Star Trek ever continues as we shamble toward the close of the first season of the original series. This week, we watched “This Side of Paradise.” This is the one where Spock no longer has tfw no gf!

This time, we learn all about Bertold Rays, Spock catches feelings, Spore is a bad video game, and an important fanfiction trope is born. The week’s soft focus blonde joneses for Spock for once, McCoy’s southern drawl turns it to 11, and Kirk gets into a fist-fight with Spock to save the Enterprise. It’s very good.


Omnipotent beings: 6

Crew Deaths: 28 total (7 Gold, 5 Blue, 5 Red, 11 Unknown)

Non-crew Deaths: 43

Total deaths: 71

Episode 3: Charlie X

Stardate 69708.8

Our five year voyage to watch all of Star Trek continues with the second episode of the original series, CHARLIE X. In which our omnipotent being count begins, the death count is updated, and we can’t figure out if being turned into an iguana should count. Also: life lessons with Captain Kirk, fanfiction concepts, space boardgames, and the danger of teens.

Intro/outro music by Night Stop available at nightstop.bandcamp.com!